Saturday, April 7, 2007

Why cool sucks

Who said being cool is good? What the fuck is cool, anyway? Who dictates what's cool? What are cool points?

To me, people are wasting precious time concerned with being cool and popular. Really. It's okay if someone doesn't like your clothes or thinks your hairstyle is bad. Someone probably thinks the same about that bitch. Honestly, do you really think it will matter when you're 25? (And do you really think that bitch will no longer be a bitch at 25? I don't think so.  She'll probably get knocked up...because sex is cool...and she'll have three kids and drain our resources because she won't keep her legs closed because she will be a welfare whore.)

Let me explain to you why cool sucks. Like liberalism, "cool" wants to strip away your individuality and turn you into a Versace, Louis Vuitton, iPod-wearing drone. It wants to make you...robotic, politically correct, and drive you insane.

Looking at all groups, it is important to be cool in all save one. If you are a pseudo-ghetto wannabe, you have to listen to rap and talk like an idiot to be considered to be of any use. If you are a goth, you can't EVER listen to Underoath. If you are a prep (liberal prep), you DARE NOT EVER SHOP at Wal-Mart, the beacon of capitalism. If you are emo, you can't ever smile. See? Everything constricts you. You can't be independent. Once you join a group, you are forever a slave to popularity and coolness.

You fucking idiot.

Being yourself, though, gives you the flexibility of controlling whatever you may want to do, being whoever you may want to be, and living by whichever means you may desire. They want you to believe that cool is ultimate good. They are control freaks who want to stifle you. Why bother?

Being yourself is the best decision you may ever make. I learned that the hard way in seventh grade, when I wanted to be accepted and liked. I started listening to rap, speaking Ebonics, and being a badass. I was going against everything my mother ever taught me to be "cool." You know what was worse, though? I didn't become cool, I didn't have respect...I only became uncomfortable in my own skin. I rebelled, though...and I became my own person. Whether or not people liked me for it...that was their problem...but I did earn something more tangible and more binding and unchanging...a little honor and a little respect.

Learn it now before it's too late to rebel.

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Anonymous said...

Precisely. You are wise beyond your years.