Friday, April 6, 2007

The Truth about Global Warming

Humans are likely causing "some" of the global warming problem...that is, IF there truly BE a problem. (Before English lost the subjunctive, we said BE, not IS...just a note.) As for myself, however, it doesn't seem to be so bad. Al Gore, in all his majesty, has said that the Earth will burn because we are polluting the Earth with carbon dioxide. I think this is total bullshit. Why? Well, let's explain why.

Animals have always exhaled carbon dioxide. Always. That carbon dioxide, along with sunlight, goes into plants and comes out as oxygen. That cycle continues on and on and on. Now, car producers created the catalytic converter. It converts carbon monoxide, the REAL harmful stuff, into carbon dioxide. Sure, it's not as clean as making graphite and pure oxygen, but it's better than CO. Plants will take in that CO2 and convert it into oxygen. With the fact that there are now thrice as many trees as in 1920, there might be a little excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but not that much. That excess is our fault. Remember, though, that the majority of that "harmful" stuff is absorbed by plants.

Al Gore, with all due and deserved respect, what have you gotten yourself into? There is no way in hell that carbon dioxide is really going to end the world. Honestly. It's been around longer than Liza Minelli. How do you explain the warming on Mars that has coincided with the warming on Earth? How do you explain that many glaciers are reforming? How do you explain the SNOW THAT I SAW IN APRIL? Come on. Respectfully, you have force-fed America and the world, minus the Czech Republic, lies. I don't think any city, with the exception of New Orleans (because it's below sea level and sinking anyway), is in any major danger. New York City might lose a little land, but Seattle is very resilient, mainly because it's so hilly. It's okay.

I really appreciate the efforts of liberals to improve the world. Don't let your bullshit ruin it. That's all I'm saying. That is the truth about global warming.

Like always, I would love to debate open-minded liberals and conservatives and libertarians and socialists and fascists, etc. etc. I thrive on debate, being right, and being wrong (because I know I'm not always right...only God is).

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