Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Imus is wrong?

Al Sharpton and his crack team of racist police are at it again...with a fellow liberal, Don Imus. It just so turns out that everything is fucked up in America. You can be black and racist. In fact, I'm sure that if Jesse Jackson (there is nothing reverend about him, and yes, that's an adjective) made the same remarks, nothing would happen. Nothing. But God forbid a white person make the same remark, which I might add, comes from RAP MUSIC — largely made and listened to by BLACK PEOPLE (except me...I don't listen to rap though I am black). Oh, no. You simply can't do THAT in America. You might be ostracized for life. Usually white people say something in passing as observation, and if it just so happens to be about black people at ALL — whether insulting (which is wrong, but it's also wrong the other way around) or positive (remember the "articulate" comment about Obama?)

It's just another example of the double standard of liberals in America. (By the way, I can't think of any black conservatives who have gotten so mad.)

When will you learn?

I am open to debate on this and every other topic.

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Shane said...

I listened to your show today, and called in (I was Shane, the guy who's phone died on you!). I just wanted to drop another note to you to let you that criticism was offered as a friend - you've got a great vocie for radio, just don't use it enough!

Good to meet a fellow conservative, anyways - and feel free to drop by my blog politicalvindication.com, and say hi. Conservatives - we're a family.

Nice take on Sharpton - the man's a snake!

Shane Borgess