Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm sick of...

Hi. I'm Allyn, and I am 17. I am a black guy. I hate rap, I am not ignorant, I don't sag my pants, I am a devout Christian, I am not violent (unless you make me very mad...that's a technicality), I am a conservative, and I hate the NAACP.

Had I never said "black guy," would you have noticed? Had I never said my age, would you really give a damn? Chances are good that you would never have considered it; it would have never crossed your mind. Why? Teenagers are stupid, insensitive, over-emotional, over-jealous, inconsiderate assholes. Black people are ignorant, thuggish, womanizing bastards — at least that is what you probably think. Let me set out to prove you idiots wrong, post by post.

Let's begin with assimilation — why we (black people) need to stop focusing so much on furthering our race and why we need to give to EVERYONE and not just black people. It's elitist. It's un-Christian. It's...RACIST.

Black people need to stop being so over-focused on black people. I'm so tired of this. These same people would complain to no end about white people being over-focused on white people. They would call it...racism. So why is it not racist that blacks only care about blacks? Oh, wait, I get it..."we must be proud to be black." I call BULLSHIT. When Polish, Russian, and Irish immigrants came over, they were mistreated. Why? Because they didn't assimilate for damn near half a century. When they did, though, everything got better and they became "white." Obviously, we can't become "white" (unless you're Michael Jack-off-to-little-ki...I mean Jackson) but we can become "American." There are not two Americas; there never have been and there likely won't ever be. Here are three solutions that would stop this completely.

1. Stop acting as if white-originated racism is still strong. It's not. Stop bitching about something that pretty much doesn't happen anymore. Yes, there are a few; even then, most likely they will give you some degree of respect. I would argue, like I stated above, that black people are the true racists here. We have other things to focus on...but you'll see in future posts what I mean.

2. Slavery should not need an apology—it's long gone. Since when have black people been slaves? Not for a long, long time. Following my logic...why do we need apologies for slavery? There is no good, logical reason that has any sustenance. Not since 1865 have white people held slaves...legally (there are always a few outliers). The failed Plessy vs. Ferguson (1895) and the well-faring Brown vs. Board of Education (mid-1950s) should have been apology enough. However, both of these implicitly state that whites are sorry. Did you think about that? Or how about the cotton gin? I believe that before 1901 slavery wouldn't have even been necessary anymore, whites probably would have let slaves go, and they would have been compensated, and racism probably wouldn't exist.

3. Affirmative action is bullshit—get rid of it. If America is a merit-based society, why do we need to fill quotas? If you want a job, learn to do what you're doing, then apply. If only white applicants are qualified, I suggest the employer hire only whites. If only black applicants are qualified, I suggest the employer hire only blacks. It's unnecessarily and discriminatory to whites. I'm sorry, but I don't think we should be discriminatory to anyone.

I, just as most conservatives and libertarians, want this to be a merit-based society, blind from race and gender in terms of merits. I know, from being a liberal once, that one would make that assumption. I am sorry if this has offended you, but it's the least in my eyes...and I look forward to spirited debate on my posts.

God bless.