Monday, September 17, 2007


I had to miss hosting the first episode of vent on Friday due to circumstances beyond my control, but, of course, you expect no less from me. LOL. Lots of stuff has been happening since the last time I was actually hosting the show, including a slam on Gen. Petraeus.

General Petraeus ad

Now, I expect nothing less from those stupid liberals. I expect that the vast left-wing conspiracy would try a stunt like that. I expect it. But I didn't expect them not just to be stupid, but also to slam the General and to call him "Betray Us."

What a bunch of dumb fucks you are.

Creative? Not saying it weren't, because it most certainly was. I'll give you that much. I have to draw the line at calling a military general in your own country a traitor. You want to call Petraeus the traitor. Yeah, so Nancy Pelosi's journey to the Middle East wasn't treason. I guess supporting Hugo Chávez over our President wasn't treason. And, oh yeah, of COURSE it's not treason to say that you want Bush dead.

Idiots. If that's not treason, then I just grew a third testicle. And...let me, two...nope, I still have just two.

I know you hate the war. Hell, I hate the war. I still support victory and I support our troops, but you apparently don't. That's a different story for a different day. Even if you hate the war, call Bush the names. When you call a military general names, you just make the terrorists salivate. Which, of course, isn't a big deal to any of you fucks because you obviously support the terrorists.


Yeah, college is getting to me. The fact that I don't have a phone is also getting to me. I couldn't call in, so I had to forfeit the premiere. My apologies. Don't worry...Friday, September 21, I should be on air at 8 pm/7 pm CDT this week. If I'm not, unicorns have eaten me.

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